Aloha, I'm Coach Tanya Jo.


Welcome to my dedicated space for health and lifestyle coaching! My passion is helping women find the right balance - looking after their health while enjoying every moment of life.

I began my coaching journey in 2012 and, fueled my that passion, launched my own business in 2022. My credentials include being a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, self-defense instructor, POUND pro, and recently, I've added SSR coach to my portfolio, focusing on sleep, stress management, and recovery.

The recent pandemic highlighted something crucial: people need more than just workout advice. They're looking for deeper support, beyond the gym walls, and I'm here to provide that.

With so much mixed information out there, I'm committed to guiding my clients with accurate knowledge, helping them overcome mental hurdles, and offering personalized workout and nutrition plans that fit their unique needs.

I truly believe everyone can feel their best without giving up what they love. And I'm here, ready to help you on that journey.

My Story


A close encounter with a stalker spurred my journey into fitness, first with personal training and then kickboxing, which I fell in love with. The pandemic reshaped my approach: it wasn't just about calorie burn, but overall well-being. Observing the flaws in many 'quick-fix' fitness programs, I felt inspired to create my own. My focus? Healing through movement, personalized nutrition, and a strong, positive mindset. Let's build your self-belief and help you feel great in your skin.


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